Daryl Baptist – Portfolio

Hey guys its me, Daryl.

I’ve had the pleasure of spending the last 10 years in the entertainment industry. Whether it was touring S.E.Asia singing with my band “Scarlet Heroes” or hosting a talk show on national TV; I’ve enjoyed the ride and cant wait to see where the road leads me next.


Hosting: I have hosted multiple shows both on TV and online; Most notable being a talk show called ‘Vbuzz’ on Astro. Check out my Hosting Videos reel.

Voice Talent: Please go ahead and check out my VO’s & Jingles.

Music: Scarlet Heroes – Check us out on youtube or spotify.

Acting: I’ve  put up a video reel of TVC’s & short films I’ve been a part of, be sure to check them out.


If you like my work, hit me up and lets see what we can create together!

Instagram: @rockabybaptist

Email: daryl.baptist@gmail.com




*NOTE: Images are not downloadable. Please email daryl.baptist@gmail.com for images.


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